Jeremy Constantine Lucido

Jeremy Lucido is an artist, photographer and zine publisher located in downtown Los Angeles. Born in a suburb outside of Saint Louis, Missouri, Lucido was encouraged to follow his interest in art at an early age. However, it wasn't until enrolling in a High School journalism class that he discovered his love for photography. At the age of 21, he moved to Hollywood, California to attend Otis College of Art and Design and receive a BFA in Photography. 

Shortly after graduating college he accepted a job as a video editor for an online adult production company. He quickly grew within the industry and became the lead photographer as well as director for several adult films. His ten years in the adult industry helped shape his love for portrait work and define his raw erotic style.

Jeremy self-published Starrfucker Magazine, a black-and-white printed zine featuring his provocative photography as well as other art from contributing artists. It was a way for him to bring together the two parts of his life together as one- art and sex.

Jeremy Lucido

Jeremy published his first (208 page) photo book entitled once again, Starrfucker (published by Bruno Gmunder) featuring his stunning portraiture.

His work is celebrated and collected worldwide. The Portraits of Men series has been published and shown in galleries in the past year. His love for portrait photography is stronger than ever, and he is currently available for portrait, event, erotic and editorial photography. 

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