Artist CV

Jeremy Lucido (b. 1977, USA) | @jeremylucido | 323-377-9129
Otis College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2003

2004 Digital World: LA, Niche.LA Gallery, Los Angeles
2005 Yard Sale (Solo Exhibition), Tango Blues Gallery, Los Angeles
2011 FIST PUMP: The Collab Event, Hold Up Art, Los Angeles
2014 Queer Biennial, Hotel Gaythering, Miami Beach
2015 Round Peg Square Peg, Photo LA, Los Angeles
2015 Art Gaysel, Hotel Gaythering, Miami Beach
2016 Round Peg Square Peg, Photo LA/Artist Corner Gallery, Los Angeles
2016 Boston Elements: The Starrfucker Collection, Redline, Los Angeles
2016 Queer Biennial II, Industry Gallery, Los Angeles
2016 Queer Biennial II Preview, Please Do Not Enter, Los Angeles 
2016 Faces of Precinct, Precinct DTLA, Los Angeles 
2017 Art Gaysel, Hotel Gaythering, Miami Beach
2018 Men of Starrfucker, Round2LA, Los Angeles

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Nigel Zeff, “STARRFUCKER The Button-Popping Zine’s Founder and His Apollos”, Flaunt Magazine, vol. 36, October 2013, p. 51-52
Jeremy Lucido, “Starrfucker”, Photography book published by Bruno Gmunder, September 2013
John Moreno, “Porn Panic”, The Advocate, May 2009, p.35-39

Tom of Finland Foundation
Precinct DTLA
Works held in private collections in Canada, France, Spain, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and the United States.

Artist Statement
Jeremy Lucido is an artist, photographer and zine publisher located in downtown Los Angeles. Born in a suburb outside of Saint Louis, Missouri, Lucido was encouraged to follow his interest in art at an early age. However, it wasn't until enrolling in a High School journalism class that he discovered his love for photography. At the age of 21 he moved to Hollywood, California to attend Otis College of Art and Design and receive a BFA in Photography. 
In 2005, shortly after graduating college he accepted a job as a video editor for an online adult production company. He quickly grew within the industry and became the lead photographer as well as director for several films. His 10 years in the adult industry helped shape his love for portrait work and define his raw erotic style.
In 2010 Jeremy self-published Starrfucker Magazine, a black-and-white printed zine featuring his own provocative photography as well as other art from contributing artists. It was a way for him to bring together the two parts of his life together as one... Art and Sex.

His love for portrait photography is stronger than ever.


The following text was written in 2013 by artist Venfield 8 for the foreward to the book by Jeremy Lucido entitled Starrfucker. 

"I met Jeremy Lucido fairly recently. It was a long overdue introduction, made by one of our mutual favorite models, Ben Godfre. The scene was typical: a downtown Los Angeles loft, a table of clothes and props, a counter of cheese and wine, booming beats from the stereo’s speakers, and a few nude male modes milling about. And I must say, there is something about meeting a person for the first time in their natural habitat. Beyond a general ease, you are afforded a rare glimpse into that person’s world. And it was into this world that I met Jeremy Lucido, the star photographer, and creator of the iconic STARRFUCKER Magazine. Of course, I had seen the images he had created long before meeting him – anyone working within the collided worlds of fashion, photography, and porn knows of him. His work is seen all over the world and admired by millions on a daily basis as the in-house lensman for He regularly trains his camera on those all American specimens of nubile, young masculine beauty; you’d be forgiven for thinking that was the pinnacle of his art. But in fact, on meeting the shy and unassuming Mr. Lucido, you are immediately certain of a greater depth, a subtle hunger and yearning of an artist at work. There exists a knowingness in the way he looks at people, the stolen glances and soft voice he communicates with, a “give” as it were, to the astute observer, that belies a profoundness to his craft. He is a man with a secret.
It is within the pages of STARRFUCKER, that Jeremy began to reveal that secret. A few years ago, when he introduced his highly personal vision into the ever-crowded Zine world, his artistic, pared down and highly erotic STARRFUCKER became an instant success. The reason was simple: free of any political agenda or trendy contrivance it offered an unparalleled, unapologetic and honest look at masculinity – a vision long lost in today’s polished and artificial world of eroticism. And while other photographers may take the same approach, what makes Jeremy’s work so unique is the subtle secret he invites you to partake in. The negotiated dance between photographer and model is a well-tread mystery, discussed and theorized for the ages. But when Mr. Lucido performs that dance, it is with one arm reached out, as he pulls the viewer into the process in an intimate and confident way. He knows what we want to see, he knows when to tease and when to show, he gives you everything, and yet leaves us wanting more. And that is the power of Jeremy’s secret. It is what makes us, the viewers always hungry and always waiting for what is next. It makes us feel special as partners in that dance, knowing we are seeing if only for a moment, that secret vision Jeremy carries.
As erotica is cranked out in assembly-line fashion, crafted via formula and marketed to us in crass and expected ways, STARRFUCKER Magazine delivers a thrill that is not only visual but visceral. The gift of holding the tangible evidence of that secret in your hands, on the pages of STARRFUCKER, delivers a thrill not found on the internet. Harkening back to the rush of the old Physique Pictorial magazines, the experience feels suitably naughty and exciting. Sometimes brutally honest, always compelling, the magazine makes you a member of a vast and elite underground club. The models are seldom pretty, but always beautiful. The photos are sexually charged, thanks to a lack of formal poses and the reality that is granted. There are imperfection and realness. A dichotomy of toughness mixed with the soft, it achieves a unique and genuine display of testosterone rarely captured by less talented photographers who rely on costumes and props to telegraph a clichéd manliness. That gift, that Jeremy so deftly reveals so consistently in his images, on the pages of STARRFUCKER is what gives life to that secret. A world where men truly are men, where we revel in the privilege of viewing and where one man, Mr. Lucido holds the key."