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Longing for a late night out

This year has been a struggle for many of us. Even I, the constant optimist and positive thinker, have had my moments. Half of my revenue streams are on hold, but I have made the proper adjustments. But with this new normal, you reflect on the things you miss more than you would have first realized. For me, it is my nightlife family. My club event-photography was more than an underpaid alcohol-fueled side gig for me. It was one of my most substantial connection to the queer community, as well as my much-needed stress relief. With a whiskey and Coke (two limes) in my left hand and a camera in my right, I could socialize using a vast net. Something...

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Face of Precinct

Faces of Precinct is a collection photographs I've taken at Precinct, a downtown Los Angeles gay bar. I am a regular fixture at the popular hotspot as a nightlife photography. To celebrate Precinct's one year anniversary, I have curated this collection of photographs taken at the bar. View the full collection here. Each photograph is signed, numbered and printed on Museo Max Archival Fine Art Paper. The 16in x 20in photographs are available in a limited edition of 10.  View the full collection here.

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